Tutorial : How to install DLC for the Cobra ODE v1
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Tools required :

GenPS3iso 2.1
PGKView v1.3
Comgenie's awesome file manager 4.46
1 x FAT32 Formatted USB Stick 
1 x Game ISO
1 x Cracked DLC

You can download the required software HERE : 
The link contains Comgenie's awesome file manager ISO for Cobra ODE and PKGView
Mirror Link 1 : 
Mirror Link 2 : 

How to : 

Step 1 :
Download or create a working Game ISO with GenPS3iso 2.1 and download the Cracked DLC for that game.

For this example i will use the following :
GAME ISO : Injustice.Gods.Among.Us.PROPER.PS3-DUPLEX (BLUS31018 ISO)
Cracked DLC : Injustice.Gods.Among.Us.All.DLC.Unlocker.PS3-DUPLEX (BLUS31018 DLC)

The Duplex Injustice DLC unlocker includes :
Unlocks all DLC skins
Unlocks zombie mode (dlc) --> settings / zombie mode ON/OFF
Unlocks red son campaign (DLC/skin) ---> stars labs mode / last page /
20 new missions

After making a ISO for the game (With Original EBoot files if required ) Copy the ISO to your PS3_GAMES folder and make sure that it is fully working. 
Install all of the game data installs and game updates from the PSN. If the game is fully working move onto Step 2.
If you require a original untouched Eboot file then visit here : http://www.ps3crunch.net/forum/threa...amp-Receive%29 

Step 2 : 
Unpack the DLC with Winrar so you are left with a PKG file

Download and run PKGView v1.3 on your PC.
Click file / Open and browse to the location of the PKG file.
Once opened you should see a table of contents like this :

Right click on the first folder in the table ( BLUS31018 ) and click "Extact to source folder"

Navigate to your source folder and copy the extracted PKG folder to a FAT32 Formatted USB Stick.
You can now remove the USB Stick from the PC and plug it into the front USB port of the PS3. 

Step 3 :
Copy Comgenie's awesome file manager 4.46 ISO to your PS3_GAMES folder of your Cobra ODE. 
If you are using kataroto's Eleganz Manager then ignore the above since CAFM is bundled with the Eleganz Manager.
Launch Comgenie's awesome file manager ISO with the Manager of your choice 
( My preference is MultiMAN by deanK but any Cobra ODE compatible Manager will work)

Step 4 : 
Now that CAFM is loaded you should see 2 lists of locations. We will use the list on the right to navigate to the USB stick and the list on the left to select the location.
Starting on the right navigate to dev_usb002 by pressing down on the D-pad and click x to open ( The USB number may differ depending on which port you use ), You should see the extracted pkg folder BLUS31018.
Next Press left on the D-Pad and navigate to the dev_hdd0/game/ location and press X . You should now see a list of several game data installs with the BLUS and BLES numbers.
Scroll through the list until you find the folder for your game (BLUS31018) and leave it

Step 5 :
Press right on the D-pad to move the pointer back to the BLUS31018 folder on the USB Stick and press "0" .You will be asked if you want to copy the folder to the HDD0 location click "START" button on the PS3 Controller.
The files will then be transfered from the USB to the internal hard drive of the PS3.

Step 6 :
Quit CAFM and Eject the drive to go back to your ISO Manager , Navigate to your game ISO and launch it.
Install any game updates if required ( See "Important Notes" below for more information )
Enjoy your DLC  

Proof of Zombie mode DLC working on my Cobra ODE :

*Important Notes*

If the game ISO crashes ( Double beep ) after launching with the DLC installed let the PS3 reboot and it will automatically rebuild the database.
This should fix the crash and you will be able to restart the ISO again. 

Some DLC might not work because certain files may need to be installed to locations other than dev_hdd0/Game/ that we cannot access on official firmware. 
multiMan is now able to create folders for DLC that requires new folders in dev_hdd0/game

If your DLC contains a PARAM.SFO file that is lower than the game updates that you installed when you first launched the ISO then you may be forced to re-install the game update again.
You can usually avoid this by deleting the PARAM.SFO file that is located inside of the extracted PKG file.

Some DLC may require a PS3 Database rebuild , This can be activated by booting into recovery mode on the PS3. 

If your DLC BLUS/BLES Number does not match your game ISO number i would suggest trying to find the correct DLC with the correct number...
although just copying the USRDIR and hacked Edat/DLC files should work on all regions.

This also works for cracked Online passes.

Sometimes a cracked DLC will come in 2 PKG files ( One is the DLC and the 2nd PKG file is the Cracked files ) To install these you will need to extract both PKG files with PKGView then copy the contents of the crack pkg to the DLC pkg before transfering them to dev_hdd0 .

The tutorial does look like a lot of work just to get some DLC on the PS3 but once you have done it 2 or 3 times you will find it real easy.

With the recent changes to multiMan it is now possible to use that method instead of CAFM and create folders in dev_hdd0/game/
Folder creation fixes issues for DLC like "The Last of US" where the game folder is not created by the updates.
Check out both methods and use the one that suits you. The steps are the same except you will be using mM instead of CAFM.

Special Thanks :

Thanks to Harry Oke for his tests/Youtube videos on the 3K3y , PS3 Crunch staff/Members for a place to join together and help make the Cobra ODE the best on the market , Rowan (Rowjack1993) Jackson for pointing me in the right direction , Duplex for the ISO/DLC , magneto (+ Team Cobra) and all of the PS3 Devs behind the software that i used to create this tutorial. Keep up the good work guys.

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tested. not working

no the RIGHT to copy item to game folder on hdd

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try v2, not all are successful 

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